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Facebook Messenger "privacy concerns" are due to lack of understanding of technology

August 09, 2014
The renewed "concerns" about Facebook's mobile Messenger app's privacy policy might be due to a general lack of understanding among users of how technology works. In this...
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Google's YouTube deserves a Netflix style smackdown by Vimeo or Facebook

December 23, 2013
The time is ripe for another video sharing site to rise up to the occasion and create incentive for a mass exodus of users from YouTube, very much like NetFlix and GoDadd...
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SmugMug vs ZenFolio: Why I left SmugMug for ZenFolio?

December 30, 2012
After 2+ years of being on SmugMug, I chose to migrate to ZenFolio, this review being written in January 2013. Here is a summary of the reasons why I chose to do so and i...
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When a user manual is needed to navigate LinkedIn, it is time for simplifying the UI

December 25, 2012
It was amusing to find out that I was not the only one who could not figure out how to leave a LinkedIn Group I no longer want to be a part of. (See the Google search res...
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Instagram's future revenue model should look to iStockPhoto for ideas

December 22, 2012
I don't care a lot for copyrights and am flattered when my photos are shared by others. A photo's circulation only enhances the brand and stature of the artist. I would i...
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As a tech consultant and photographer, asking 'WHY?' and 'WHY NOT?' helps me form a point of view on improving the bigger picture; simple improvements can often resolve bigger symptoms. Hence, the unabashedly opinionated point of view expressed in these musings.