HMirza Photography | Google's YouTube deserves a Netflix style smackdown by Vimeo or Facebook

Google's YouTube deserves a Netflix style smackdown by Vimeo or Facebook

December 23, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

The time is ripe for another video sharing site to rise up to the occasion and create incentive for a mass exodus of users from YouTube, very much like NetFlix and GoDaddy suffered in the past.  Google shoving failed products on YouTube users is a usability disaster!  

There used to be a time when Google's brand was simplicity -- clean, elegant interfaces set apart Google from the eye-sore that Yahoo had become in the late 1990s.  As a volunteer for a music-related non-profit and for my own musical exploration, I used YouTube heavily -- and loved it until recently. 

Suddenly it seems some Marketing VP has gotten desperate as the realization sinks in that Google Plus is a failed product and will never rival Facebook's critical mass and Picasa might be losing out to Instagram.  Facebook's strategic acquisition of Instagram seems to have caused some panic attacks and suddenly, as I try to use YouTube, it constantly harasses and forces me to start using Google+.  I cannot even access my video history without letting Google suddenly want to put up a public social media presence, with my name and other information, thumbnails of pictures (that I didn't know exist) and other disjointed pieces of my past online identities popping up in what appears to be often irreversible changes to my YouTube usage. 

Google pushing failed products on YouTubeSeriously Google? I do NOT view any of those as "benefits"!!

I have multiple Google identities and have yielded to Google's insistence for one of them.  But even so, it seems to be shoving Google Plus or Picasa (or both) on me in different ways all the time where it has become a serious concern. 

Google. Stop it.  I don't want to put more information online and create a social presence on a social network with 25 users.  Your Google Drive and Gmail solutions ROCK!  Your failed experiments with Google Plus don't.  

Vimeo... Facebook?  What are you waiting for?  You have the technology and the scale to make video sharing wonderfully seamless (as it once used to be on YouTube) and do away with the 35 buttons menu on YouTube (which makes it a nightmare to find what I am actually trying to find).  C'mon!  Launch a campaign to steal away video sharing market share from YouTube and watch how users flee from Google's intrusive, forced adoption of failed products to you!  

As will all the activists and privacy-conscious folks around the world who are not too keen to see their names, photos and personal identities forcibly publicized on a public search engine to boost a corporation's advertising revenues and to give a weak boost to its failing products. 


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